Friday, March 1, 2013

The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden

Callie and Kayden grew up in the same neighborhood with him didn't acknowledge her at all. He was the quarterback and she was a loner. Until one night, Callie saved Kayden from his abusive father.

Months after the incident, they met in college. They got close with each other and the attraction between then was undeniable. However, there's something happened in Callie's past that kept her from trusting people, let alone being in a relationship. While Kayden had secret that made him think that Callie deserved better.

I’ve been reading too many romance novels lately, I wonder if it kinda deadens my excitement towards this particular genre that happens to be my favorite. After a few of unimpressive readings, I had high hopes when I started The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden. But this disappointed me even more.

There is already a long line of books about two people with dark secrets, meet each other, understand each other and fall in love. In order to stand out, please make it interesting?

In the beginning of the story, the author, I think, try to taunt the readers with bits and pieces of Callie and Kayden's dark secrets. I was fine with that. Where's the fun if everything was revealed since the very beginning? However, the story goes on and on, developing the chemistry between Callie and Kayden, focusing too much on their daily interactions and how they were weighing whether or not the relationship is worth it, keeping aside the development of the thing that kept them from being together in the first place. Their "dark secrets".

Callie's secret is obvious, even from the beginning. There's no taunting necessary. The culprit wasn't revealed until near the end of the book when really it was already obvious since the very beginning. In contrast, throughout the book, Kayden is all 'I have a secret I have to tell you but now is not the time' but apparently 'the time' is not until the very end of the book. So yeah, the taunting. It's boring.

Also, some minors. I know Seth and Luke are just sidekicks but I wish there were more about them. Like, what’s the deal with Braiden and Amy? Why mentioned it if there were nothing more to it? Is it just to make it appears as if everyone’s life in this book is a mess? Seth is supposed to play an important role. He’s the first guy Callie shared her secrets with. He keeps mentioning about how much he cares about Callie. But what is it that Seth did that earned Callie’s trust? But there wasn’t even a story about that. He's even kinda forgotten once Kayden got into the picture.

I was kinda bored when reading this; I even think the cliffhanger is where things finally got a little bit exciting. It’s unnecessary, though. Just a way to expand the already dragging story. Had the secrets developed earlier, the story could end in just one book.

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