Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Warm Bodies

Should I mention, yet again, that I am not a fan of dystopian? But here's another dystopian reading and I found myself liking it, yet again.
Warm Bodies sets in a time where a mysterious plague has invaded the world and divided humanity into two categories. The Dead and the Living. This is a dead end world where the Deads eat the Living and the Living live their life constantly training on how to keep themselves save from the Dead Not exactly an ideal life.

R is one of the Deads, also known as Zombie. On his way hunting the Living, he met Julie. While the Deads feed on the Living, instead, R decided to take Julie home. Once they got to know each other, R and Julie decided they want to make a change together. For a better world.

I read this book in order to join my very first book discussion ever. The event is held by @BookClubID and the participants are going to discuss the book together, via twitter, on April. Honestly, I was kind of disappointed when Nic, the admin, picked dystopian for our first genre. Not only I am not a fan of dystopian, I also have an aversion to stories about zombie. It always feel too scifi-ish and too future-ish. I almost decided to skip on the first book discussion. Thank goodness I didn't go with my instinct.

The first thing couldn't escape my attention was the writing. OH MY GOD! Found another author who made it to the list of authors-I-love-for-their-writing, together with Melina Marchetta and Laini Taylor. So very beautiful. I finished the book with so many highlighted passages. To think that I found these beautiful quotes in a story about an ugly world infected by a deadly plague is just overwhelming.

While, in my opinion, Julie's character doesn't really stand out, when I started this book I didn't anticipate that I will have my fangirl-mode turned on during reading. It sounds really absurd to say that I love R, -because he's, you know, a zombie- but I do. Since the story is told from R's point of view, it's expected that R stands out so much. I love that he is a very eloquent narrator, yet with his limited capability to talk, he managed to deliver what he had in mind in just a few syllables. This cheeseball zombie got me all teary a few times.

When together with R, I love Julie. I love that she stands up for herself and not one of those damsels in distress. Because, honestly, I've had enough with those kind of heroines every authors came up with lately. I love how R and Julie struggle together to start a better world. Ah.. This is so The Beatles. (The band is Julie's favorite, by the way)

I'm not one who look for 'messages' in a book, because to me book is there to tell story. But the 'message' in this story is very clear. That we usually fear things we don't understand and mark it as a threat. But if we try to understand, it might not be as bad as we thought. It might even surprise us. Beautiful, isn't it?

If there's one thing I don't really enjoy about this book, it's the setting. No matter how much I enjoy the story and all, I am just not a fan of post-apocalyptic world. The world where R and Julie live that I imagined in my head is really dull. And I hate that.

If you think this story feels familiar, well, that's not surprising. Warm Bodies is a spin-off of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Even by now I'm sure the main character's names, R and Julie, ring a bell, huh?

All in all, I love that I gave this book a try. I love the diction, I love the story, I love the characters. I did enjoy reading this book. I believe this book might appeal even to those who don't usually read dystopian. And imagining Nicholas Hoult as R sure make reading the book even more enjoyable!

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